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The Mold & Cold Inspection team has been providing inspection services for over 10 years throughout Southeast Alaska. We specialize in providing a wide range of services including home inspections, energy audits, mold inspections, healthy home reviews and more.


Whether you are buying / selling a home or interested in a healthy home inspection for the safety and health of your family, please contact us. We are extremely thorough and would love to be on your home team!



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Send us your home related questions through our contact form below - whether you are an existing client, prospective client, or just a homeowner needing an opinion - we'd love to help you!


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​As far as the report.....It is the best that I have ever read during 17 years of living in this culture. I enjoy it's brevity, precision, visual guidance and structure. Thank you! Thank you and Daymond for the time you took for answering my questions and being so patient.
Tatyana Stepanova


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