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Pricing is applicable to all parts of Southeast Alaska but travel costs are additional.

Our Standard Inspection

Prices are currently too low for what we do and subject to go up soon.

  • Condo (inside only)                                               $350

  • Manufactured home                                              $ 425

  • Single family under 2500 sq ft                               $425

  • Home with any type of apartment attached (combined square footage under 2500).   $575   

  • Single family 2500-3499 sq ft             $525

  • Home with any type of apartment attached (combined square footage 2500-3499).     $625

  •  3500 sq ft or more and/or more than two dwellings.                               Case by case basis                  

Walk through Consultation


Cut the above figures in half with $200 as a minimum.


This is a stripped-down version of our standard inspection.  The biggest difference is attention to detail. Not much double or triple-checking here---and no official report.


We don’t officially use the word “inspection” in this service because it does not meet Standard of Practice for a complete inspection—although it might be as thorough as some inspectors' regular inspections.

Mold Inspection

  • Stand-alone Air Testing *                $300 with $100 discount when combined with Standard Home Inspection

  • Complete Mold inspection**            $500 with $200 Discount when combined with Standard Home Inspection

  • Mold Inspection in conjunction  with a Standard Home Inspection

    • Reduce $100 from Stand-alone Air Testing.

    • Reduce $200 from Complete Mold Inspection

* Featured here as a stand-alone service but is standard with a Complete Mold Inspection.  It includes two outdoor samples as reference and one indoor sample.  Additional samples are $65 each.

**Emphasis is moisture intrusion.  Recommendations are made for contractors and we are available to contractors via phone and email.  Pre-remediation testing is not always necessary for every situation. If air sampling is postponed until post-remediation, an additional $125 will be added for the return trip.

Energy Inspections


There are a number of situations where this is important and we utilize several different procedures.  Price is determined by your situation and/or objectives.

Homeowner express or checkup package


Some of the above packages can be combined and reduced for owners of existing homes. Give us a call.

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